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Toxin Analysis
VIP Medical Services
Toxin Analysis
Swiss Meibella
Swiss Meibella, a Swiss originated company for the Prevention of Aging, is the brand that brings a comprehensive and evidence-based answer to prolong healthy life.

Swiss Meibella SA together with its partner develops the precise toxins analysis technology based on the sophisticated High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer (HPLC/MS), the data from which facilitates people to get knowing more about the influence of the toxins from environment to their health and aging.

Based on the strong capacity of scientific research, Swiss Meibella develops an amazing detox program with a series of products that will serve Chinese people to solve the problems of environmental pollutants and toxins to their health, to clean their inner condition and prevent from various environment-related diseases.
Every human being strives deep down to take advantage of life for as long as possible while maintaining exceptional health and complete control of their lives, with full possession of their physical and intellectual capacities.

This encompasses preserving one's health, physical well-being, and appearance. Nescens was created specifically for this purpose and offers products and programs to respond to this expectation.
VIP Medical Services
We provide the very best medical advice, diagnostics and treatment available anywhere in the world. Each client receives an individual, client-orientated focus from our dedicated, professional and discrete team of experts. You will receive the very best medical treatment, provided in the world’s most illustrious and luxurious facilities.
Swiss Medical Concierge
MEIBELLA provides peace of mind by managing every aspect of your health affairs, allowing you to focus on your other obligations or on recovery from an existing illness. Our services are custom-designed to ensure that your healthcare is the most effective and suitable to your lifestyle. We monitor and organise regular health check-ups to keep you healthy, identifying any health risks you or your family may have. Never again will you need to sacrifice your health in order to focus on your other interests.

If illness strikes, we analyse your treatment plan to avoid the inevitable discomfort, distress and delays that occur when others have recommended inappropriate treatment. We can accompany you to appointments with medical specialists, to ensure that the stress of the situation doesn’t mean you fail to register or question their advice. We are available at any time, to discuss your existing treatment advice and assess whether it needs to be adapted to suit your individual situation. We manage every aspect of your health, treatment and recovery, you can rest assured that your healthcare is in the safest of hands.